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In the great outdoors I’ve always felt at home. So when it came time to pick a major, Geoscience just made sense. In 2020 I graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a BA in Geosciences. I studied how repeated freezing and thawing erodes stream banks. Using trail cameras, we created time-lapse videos capturing six weeks of freeze-thaw driven erosion. Special thanks to Dr. Robert Walter for the all the support and guidance. This is also when my obsession with needle ice began- pictures below!

After graduating I started work as an associate Geologist at Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey. I worked from research vessels undergoing geophysical and geotechnical surveys. In this role I got to learn many new skills, from acquiring and visualizing seismic reflection data to navigation.

Weeks and weeks of freeze-thaw erosion… in just 8 minutes!

Needle Ice pictures!

Needle ice forms when water moves through pores in the soil and freezes at the surface. The pores give needle ice its unique wispy shape. It’s an important driver of stream bank erosion. Any time I come across it I try to take a picture.